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Hair Krazy is not your average hair and health brand. Specializing in assisting clients/customers reaching and maintaining healthy hair goals. Hair Krazy is more than just a salon and hair care products. It's a Movement.

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  • Tasha

    Awesome!! My whole life I have had thin edges. Since using hair crack miracles, I have HAIR!!! I am so happy and excited to show my edges when I pull my hair back. Thank you Kari and Hair Krack!!!!!

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  • Telennia

    My mom was experiencing hair thinning due to menopause, she started using this product and the thinning has stopped and her hair is more healthier than it has been in a while. She loves this product!!!

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  • Destiney

    I love these, they taste good. i’ve been using them for about 4 months and i have already seen great progress. My hair has gotten thicker, stronger, and has grown . Highly recommend them for healthy hair results .

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